over kennis

about knowledge

- ‘your poem does not add to my store of knowledge’, writes the wise old fool 


should a poem of mine

add to your ‘store of knowledge’?

Could it?

Anyway, learning is for teachers

not for bards or stammering

wandering stars


what a poem  might do

is remind us of our knowledge inside

when we have lost the sight of it


poetry is for sure the friend of knowing

not its foe, though the poet

is not a philosopher

nor a scientist


he insists on mist and missing

and guessing

who’s coming to dinner

and who is not, not any longer

or forever

as the Jews know when they put

a plate on the table

for the prophet to come


in its own way a poem

is an invitation

a courteous move

or a desperate one:


be seated and read

and enjoy your own knowledge

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