heavy metalparty



she is talking to him

and she is showing her skin

to others – her beautiful skin


showing it to one who has seen

this all before:

a young man – an artist for sure –

showing his first drawings

not of her skin but of his dreams

dreadful and remarkable


and she is showing

her beautiful skin to others

and kissing him kindly on his cheek

like a kind of reward

he is not looking for


in fact, what is he looking for:

not for her, for sure,

he is searching  some form

to catch his dreams


and others like an old poet

looking at this beautiful skin

at his drawings – that are far

from being bad


but when they start walking

the drawings are hidden

in a hippy kind of suitcase

and she is showing still showing

her buttocks and her breasts


and the old poet knows:

this is not going

to work out

his drawings perhaps

but not her showing

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